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Tummy and Thigh Shaping Designs


Empowered Goddess

Signature BikiniLeggings


Empowered Goddess

The Ultimate Shapewear of Swimwear

Swimwear Meets Shapewear

Welcome to the Revolution of Swimwear! Our Patented Power Mesh BikiniLeggings are Specifically Designed to Shape Your Hips, Waist, Legs and Thighs. Each Piece in the Empowered Goddess Collection is All About Providing You Style, Comfort and Sexiness on Your Next Vacation. Get Ready to Swim Your Confidence.


Reversible Bold Designs

Our luxurious reversible designs, with modern high-waisted BikiniLeggings, are inspired by vintage silhouette's. Made with moisture-wicking, chafe-free fabrics to specifically shape and slim your hips, waist, legs and thighs. Breathable, comfortable and light-weight fabrics make this collection a must have for your next adventure, at the beach or the pool.

From Our Tribe
From Our Tribe
Game Changer! Especially at the family reunion and waterpark. When I wear MyLegkini, I feel confident and sexy without being overly exposed in front of family and friends.
— Fay P
From Our Tribe
Having a little more protection from the sun without being cumbersome is what I really like. And wearing a swimsuit designed with my curves in mind is something I have long waited for.
— Amanda A


Empowered Goddess Collection

Sexy and Versatile

Ready to elevate your swimwear; full coverage yet with a little peekaboo style? Look no further! Our Power Mesh BikiniLeggings gives you a comfortable, sexy and versatile look like no other.

Modern and Chic

For the modern day fashionista. Our hips, waist and thighs minimizing designs, will seamlessly allow you to go from the gym or to swim, all while looking chic and classy.


Ideal for the luxurious traveler, our detailed crafted designs are made with 4-way stretch Power Mesh and buttery soft fabrics. Providing a feminine eye-catching contrast that is sure to turn heads.

Building Connections

Buying from an Independent Black-Owned Woman Designer creates a relationship with the things you wear and builds your connection with the community at large. Thank you for your support.

MyLegkini Founder Mylitta Butler

Mylitta Butler is a wife, mother, author, interior designer and now fashion designer, who has struggled with her weight since she was 19 years old. At one point, tipping the scale at 304 pounds, she had high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and was borderline type 2 diabetic.  After finally taking control of her health and losing weight, she wanted to revolutionize swimwear as we know it and create designs that were both functional and fashionable for women.  

Mylitta’s innovative BikiniLeggings® are shaking up the swimwear industry. Not just for how it looks and feels on a woman’s body but because it slims the hips, waist, legs and thighs. All while empowering women to feel comfortable in their own skin, without showing all of their skin. MyLegkini was created as a functional yet stylish alternative to the traditional bikini; MyLegkini was designed with patented technology to “camouflaunt” your assets and allow all women to enjoy the beach, the pool, and any water/outdoor activities with confidence. 

Body positivity, women empowerment and celebrating your curves is the ultimate mission of MyLegkini’s founder.  “My wish is that one day you will love the very parts you once thought were flaws. Embrace your beauty and love your curves.” 

Learn more about Mylitta's story and her 6-Week Slim Down Level Up Program in her debut book. 

Empowered Goddess Collection